Time Trax Disco 

About Us ...

Hi my name is Ross, I’ve been DJing now for nearly 30 years in all different kinds of venues, pubs, clubs, nightclubs in and around Edinburgh. 
I’ve always had an immense passion for music ever since I could put a needle on a record. 

When I realised that people wanted to dance to the music I was playing and getting paid to do it, I knew this was the dream job for me! 
Ever since then I’ve Provided Discos for hundreds of Birthday Parties, Weddings, Engagements etc.

My Heart definitely lies with the function gigs,  seeing families getting together on one night for whatever occasion it may be, enjoying themselves, dancing the night away knowing i’m part of helping to create an electric atmosphere, I get an absolute buzz from this!

My mission is and always has been to simply

“Fill the Dancefloor with people who want to dance”

Thanks for checking us out and see you on a Dancefloor soon.
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